Free Sudoku Game

Sudoku is a free online & offline number game with unlimited puzzles available 24/7 in any browser and airplane mode. Advanced Soodoku web app (PWA) works without ads or registration on any mobile: iOS, iPad OS, or Android.

Classic suduko puzzles have easy, medium, hard, and evil (killer difficulty) levels. Advanced soodoku game allows players to set their preferred difficulty precisely with a range of 17 to 70 initial clues.

Sudoku Puzzles

Classic sudoku is a numeric puzzle with a 9×9 grid where some cells are prefilled with digits from 1 to 9. The player fills in all the remaining cells so that each row, column, and 3×3 box in the grid contains all nine digits.

Sudoku Rules

Each horizontal row, vertical column, and 3×3 block must contain numbers from 1 to 9, and numbers in each horizontal row, vertical column and 3×3 block must be unique (cannot be repeated). Every correct sudoku puzzle must have a unique solution.

Interesting fact: there are invalid sudoku puzzles with up to 77 cells filled where multiple solutions are possible.

Easy to Expert Sudoku Levels

The rule of the traditional sudoku requires the puzzle to have only one unique solution. A minimum of 17 clues are necessary to form a valid sudoku puzzle. The game complexity increases when fewer clues are provided to the player at the start.

Easy sudoku games usually have 30+ initial clues, medium games have 27-30 clues, hard games have 23-27 clues and extreme or expert sudoku puzzles have 17 to 23 initial clues.

Evil Sudoku

Evil is the highest possible level of difficulty for a valid sudoku game. Evil sudoku usually has less than 23 initial clues, but the complexity is defined not by the number of givens, but by the techniques needed to apply to solve it.

Extreme or evil sudoku puzzles require knowledge of advanced sudoku techniques and they're best suitable for experienced sudoku solvers.

Advanced Sudoku

Soodoku game has multiple advanced settings: players can configure various visual hints, replace numbers with emoji or colors, play offline, save and restore started games, share favorite puzzles, view statistics, and track their progress.

Free Sudoku Without Ads

Soodoku authors value quality time. We limit disturbances and annoyances, allowing players to focus on puzzle-solving. Our sudoku game is ad free, doesn't show banners or ask for registration. We are pleased to deliver you the best sudoku experince possible with no hidden cost.

Health Benefits of Sudoku

Sudoku is a healthy game as it helps to keep the brain active, reducing the risk of memory loss and dementia. Play sudoku daily and enjoy beneficial brain challenges.